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Welcome to very rare gifts and gemstones


Not everyone knows that  the King Louis the XIVth.had a great knowledge of gemstones
and that he had a huge collection of the most precious gems including the largest Blue diamond in the world. He also had a large collection of rare coins, loved beauty and art in any form and supported and encouraged artists, writers and poets to. His favourite wine came from Burgundy. In short he loved beauty and quality and that is exactly ware it is all about in our web store, but with this difference: it is affordable for everyone!  


This is a private webstore with many exclusive items.
Everything here is offered for sale without VAT. and we do not charge shipping costs above 25, - £

After almost 40 years working as experts in the field of precious stones we, my wife and I, think it is now about time to reduce drastically  our private Gemstones collection.

There is a list of birthstones and when you mention that the gemstone is a gift for a new born baby then we will include a little poem.

What you see here is only a small selection of our collection. 
This is only the beginning because the site is still under construction
We try to offer something for every budget.

Further I have a passion for fine wines and I have a nice collection of very special wines.
The wine is preserved in the best conditions.

In the Department of silver and silver plated  are not yet many items because, the objects are quite heavy
and therefore the shipping cost rather high.
Finally, we hope that you will enjoy your shopping!

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